Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sissy Shopping Guide Now Available for Sessions!

Sissy/Cross-Dresser Shopping Guide

As a professional femme Princess (and dominatrix), I've come across the same problem so many times: sissies and cross-dressers want to go shopping, but don't want to go it alone.  Maybe it's nervewracking to be in Victoria's Secret by yourself, maybe it's just not as fun without a dominant girl by your side-- but no matter the reason, they want someone to shop with.

And that's what I'm here for!

I offer two types of personal shopping trips in Manhattan:

1) We're gal pals.  This is a fun, friendly shopping experience with someone who loves to shop and talk about clothes.  Mani-pedis would also be a great alternative or addition to this type of shopping trip. 

2) We're on a Dom-woman/sissy sub shopping excursion-- you will be treated lesser than me.  I will pick out your clothes, verbally humiliate you, and generally treat you like you're a little sissy bitch and everyone should know it.

YOU determine which of these shopping experiences you're interested in-- I enjoy both equally.  

There will be absolutely NO sessions before or after the shopping trip-- the trip is the "session" itself. 

You are expected to pre-pay half the session cost beforehand over paypal-- If you give me a cancellation with 24 hours notice, I will refund the money.  Any time within 24 hours of the session, I retain your downpayment.  The rest of the session cost will be paid up front at the outset of the shopping trip. 

$150/hr.  No sessions under an hour.  

An email exchange + a short questionnaire (you must send me pics of you dressed up, tell me a bit about your sissy/cross-dressing history, a bit about yourself and your style, where you like to shop, etc) will get you pics of me.  I can tell you now that I'm a blonde, 5'7'', petitely-framed, high-heel loving, dominant femme girl's girl. 

Sugar daddies, submissives looking for more than a shopping trip, and those seeking non-professional relationships need NOT apply. 

ABSOLUTELY DISCREET.  NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, will know anything about you besides me. 

Now let's go shopping!!